Communial Rituals


Major Activities: Monks perform ritual dance which marks the killing of demon. It is organized by seven villagers of Lo region
Tibetan Month: 27th-29th day of 3rd month
Nepali Month: Baishakh/Jestha
Duration: 3 days


Major Activities: Monks worship protector deities called Mahakal (Gonpo)
Tibetan Month: 10th month
Nepali Month: Mangsir
Duration: 5 days


Major Activities: The great religious ceremony organized by seven villagers of Lo
Tibetan Month: 6th month
Nepali Month: Shrawan
Duration: 3 days

Saka Lhuka

Major Activities: Seeds sowing ceremony for good harvest. It is held before seed sowing
Tibetan Month: 1st month
Nepali Month: Falgun
Duration: 1 day

Mhane Dance

Major Activities: It marks killing of demon by performing different rituals dances and dramas
Tibetan Month: Any time as per the need
Duration: 1-3 days


Major Activities: The group of same age visits different Gumbas and holy places. The group of young ladies prepare breads and drinks and offer to their male friends. Each night is marked by singing, drinking and dancing with their male counterparts. It is called as Duichhyang
Tibetan Month: 7th month
Nepali Month: Bhadra
Duration: 7 days

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