Why Red House

By the owner

Hi! I am Tripple P Gurung, now the owner of the Red House Lodge for the next 15 years. Though by profession I am a pilot raised and brought up in kathamndu, I was born in Manang and still have my heart in this place. I also run a hotel in Jomsom called Oms Home.

Tenzing Thakuri the only son of Pema Doma approched me last year, with an offer to run the Red House. When I visited Red House for the first time I found that it was in a great mess, badly in need of renovation. For once, I felt that it was a hard task, but as soon as I saw the statue of Buddha and the wall painted Thankas, I instantly had this overwhelming feeling to preserve it, and not just for Tenzing and his family, but for the world at large, for its legendry history, but most of all, simply for what its true nature is! When I shared my feelings with Tenzing, he was elated beyond his wits and the bond was sealed!

Since then I have deeply felt this urge and drive to preserve the old houses in Kagbeni, so we can keep our tradition and culture alive for the rest of the world to be enriched with. With the passage of time and advancement of technology everything is changing and transforming at such a rapid speed, that by the time we realize we would have already lost the glory and beauty of our past old days. Therefore, we are committed to help the locals to build and restore their houses and the area.

Kagbeni in itself is a beautiful destination with the right of its own to be known and experienced by all! Apart from its serene, expansive beauty, there are lots of activities that can be incorporated, such as a short hike to Tiri Village or Phalak, trek to Jong or Seldhak, where one can get the glimpse of the life style, tradition and culture that the Himalayan people follow with stark simplicity!

Lastly, since this place is so dear to me, it is heart wrenching for me to see the youngsters leave the place due to the lack of opportunity and work, the loss that is incurred greatly both by people and the place! My intention hence, is to promote tourism here as an option for employment and growth for overall development of the people and place.

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