Chhyonkhar Village

Chhyonkhar translates as "the cycle of religion" in Tibetan language. It is believed that Chhyonkhar village was founded by a Tantrik monk of Tibet named Chabgyepa Dhorje Singe about 209 years ago. One of monk generations founded Chhyonkhar Gompa where Tantrik teaching, Jyanwal Sinje, similar to Lubra Gompa is taught here.Several worshipping such as: Yangdak, Narak and Thorim take place during different times of year. Monks perform Dhekep, a masked dance on 12th month of Tibetan calendar. This village has unique type of festival called Yul Yartung, where horse riding take place. It is about half an hour from Ranipauwa.
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