Other attractions

Ruined settlement called Phudzeling is found opposite of Khinga. Similarly ruined caves called Myabrak are located opposite of Jharkot. These ruined settlements and caves stand as evidence to ancient civilization of the Muktinath valley. This is site of very interesting archeological excavation, where some of the most important findings for Mustang's archeology have been made. Some of the findings are placed in Mustang Eco Museum in Puthang, Jomsom airport (Five minutes walk south from Jomsom airport). The valley provides breathtaking views of Yak Kawa (6,482m.), Thorung Peak (6,488m.), Mt. Nilgiri (7,060m.), Tilicho Peak (7,139m.), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m.), and Tukche Peak (5,877m.).
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